WOYWW #243

I thought I’d start joining in with WOYWW again this year.  I love nosing around other people’s workspaces over a cup of coffee.  It has been quite a while since I joined in, so with coffee in hand and an hour to myself, I’m ready to have a good nose! 😉

Over the past year, and particularly in the last month or so, we have been clearing out a lot of the clutter from our home.  This included me clearing out a lot of old and unwanted craft supplies. The process has been incredibly freeing, and without all the weight of unused supplies, I’m definitely feeling more creative.  Not to mention, the house is a lot tidier! Along with the clear-out, I’ve also been reorganising my workspace, making things more efficient and also making the space more inviting for me.

Here are some pics! I’ve just completed a project for a blog post on Friday, so I had tidied my desk, and am sorting through some new stamps and other fun stuff that arrived in the post this week. After I have a nose around other WOYWW posts, I’m planning on curling up with the magazine you can see for a good read.

Click the photos for a closer look.

www.quixoticcards.com www.quixoticcards.com www.quixoticcards.com

As you can see, I have two desks side by side, one with a hutch, which is where I craft and the other one housing my desktop PC and my eBosser die cutting machine (favourite crafty purchase of 2013).

The top of my desk hutch used to house all sorts of stuff, random craft tools and other items.  It was a bit of a mess, and I found that I didn’t really use the things I stored up there, because they were up there and it was a pain to have to move things to get them down. So now that area houses my collection of art and craft related books and magazines, along with some of my favourite little bits and pieces. I feel so much happier sitting at my desk now, surrounded by my favourite things.

On the desk itself, I recently added a small organiser.  I picked it up in Staples from the Martha Stewart range.  It holds stamps and other items that are either new, or which I want to remember to use in the near future, or which I want to have handy because I use them often.

You can also see my art journal on the desk, with the spread I blogged yesterday open, simply because I like it so much I’m not ready to put it away yet. 😉 If you want to take a closer look, scroll down to the post below or click HERE.

The drawers to the side of my craft desk house all my paints, sprays, inks, marker refills etc.

That’s it!  Hope you enjoyed having a little look at my creative space.

9 thoughts on “WOYWW #243

  1. LisaDV

    I’ve been a crafting fiend lately, but it is going to have to stop so that we can do the decluttering process. Love your organized desk. Happy WOYWW. LisaDV #87

  2. Kelly

    I love seeing where you make the most gorgeous things. I love the little drawers you have down the sides, they are perfect. I could use this system, thank you for sharing with us.
    Hugs Kelly

  3. Danielle a.k.a. FitterTwit

    That was FUN!!! I was already well into the blog post when I realized a cup of coffee WOULD have been a good addition!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your crafty space. It is not overwhelming at all taking up only one wall. You are lucky and efficient! There is NOTHING like an efficient space!!!

  4. Carmen

    I’ve started doing that every January – needs must with a tiny space – anything, well, MOST things that hadn’t been used in the previous year is ousted. And you are right it is so freeing and you know what you have will be used.

    I love your set-up – especially the two lamps either side. Are they daylight lamps? Do you get headaches with them? I keep thinking about getting one.

    Thanks for stopping by mine already.

    Carmen #75


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