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Quick Note & Marker Geek Monday Link Round Up

Today should be Marker Geek Monday over on the Stamping Bella blog. Unfortunately, last week was a bit stressful here.


To add to her list of misfortune, my poor girl has been having trouble with her hind legs. I’m hoping it is something a period of rest might take care of, but we’re seeing the vet tomorrow to check whether that is the case. Fingers crossed.

I’ve been a bit sad, a bit worried, and a bit tied up trying to ensure that she stays fairly quiet and rests her legs (easier said than done with a Staffie). Not exactly conducive to getting much colouring (or any) done. Over the weekend however, we did a little rearranging here, so I can spend some time at my desk while she snoozes. Fingers crossed for a better week this week, and some much needed colour!

In the meantime, here’s a round up of all my recent Stamping Bella colouring posts here on this blog and over on the Stamping Bella blog. If you’ve missed any, or want to go back and revisit them, these round up lists might come in handy!

Stamping Bella Colouring Posts:

Here’s the list of recent colouring posts here on this blog featuring Stamping Bella stamp images:


Marker Geek Monday Posts:

Here’s the list of Marker Geek Monday posts over on the Stamping Bella blog:


Colouring Videos:

You can watch all my Stamping Bella colouring videos in the playlist below or in HD over on YouTube.

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