Stamping Bella Marker Geek Monday Update

Marker Geek Monday -

Read on for a round up of my Marker Geek Monday posts for Stamping Bella and links to my YouTube Copic colouring videos.

What is Marker Geek Monday?

If you’re recently joining me here, you may not be aware that I am a colourist for rubber stamp company Stamping Bella. This year we started a new article series over on the official Stamping Bella blog – Marker Geek Monday – which is basically me waffling about markers and colouring in general. My aim is to inspire stampers to play with colour and get the most from their Stamping Bella stamps!

Marker Geek Monday Post Round Up:

Here’s a list of the Marker Geek Monday post series so far, for your reference! Posts include pinnable images showing colour combinations etc, videos and general tips/info.

Copic Marker Colouring Videos:

I filmed Copic marker colouring videos for all of the images in the latest Stamping Bella release. You can find all of these over on my Marker Geek Youtube Channel in my Stamping Bella Video Playlist (which includes other videos featuring Stamping Bella images including my Copic Galaxy colouring video previously seen in the blog post: Copic Galaxy Background Colouring Video).

Copic Marker Colour Palettes:

If you purchase stamps from Stamping Bella, you will be able to obtain a free Copic Colour Map showing the colours used on the product images seen on the packaging and website. See HERE for details.

You can also find bonus Copic Colour Maps in my Marker Geek Monday posts from time to time, which I have collected into one page over on the Stamping Bella blog – Bonus Copic Colour Maps.

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